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Thanks for the support!

2010-08-11 08:14:07 by Keymasher

For those who are interested, and has shown so much support to my Zombie Apocalypse game; I'd just like to say thank you! The primary reason I create games at all is that I enjoy seeing other people enjoy themselves playing them - if that makes any sense.

An update for the Zombie Apocalypse Quiz is coming up soon, and you can see an image of some of it below. After playing through the game once you will unlock the option to read about the questions and answers. Even though you might disagree, to what should have been the best answers to the questions, please keep in mind that I haven't ever experienced an actual Zombie Apocalypse (and I hope you haven't either.) I have however made sure that there are more than one answer to some questions that are almost as correct as the best one. You read about the questions by moving your mouse over the question mark in the upper right corner.

Note: The update won't be available until later. I have submitted it but it takes about 24 to 48 hours for it to be approved.

Thanks again for the support!

Thanks for the support!


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2010-08-11 19:47:51

I am totally lookking forward to it!

Keymasher responds:



2010-08-12 00:32:59

What about the zombie in the corner? What does it do?
I can't wait for it.

Keymasher responds:

The zombie head is just a foreground addition, since some thought there weren't enough zombies or blood I figured I'd add a head. Never occurred to me to make it do something, but that isn't a bad idea actually!


2010-08-13 15:25:00

92% is what I got :D
Great quiz

Keymasher responds:

Thanks a lot! :) And nice work on getting 92%!


2010-08-15 14:37:10

MUCH better with this beautiful upgrade, little diferences like the zombie head, the extra questions and the zombie in the test made your game look much more professional.

Keymasher responds:

Thanks! Appreciate you like it!


2010-08-18 14:11:20

That interactive is great!

Keymasher responds:

Thank you. :)


2010-08-22 15:33:27

Whats with the pop up at the end? I got a pop up with a face on it,it scared me D:
Why did you add it?

(Updated ) Keymasher responds:

The screamer is to test your reflexes, and the reason for it was to give you a practical test as well other than just the theoretical questions. I'm really sorry you got scared though as the main idea was to surprise you. A zombie just felt like a good thing to use considering the concept.

Thanks for the questions!